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CARS Net is a social net which is held every Thursday night at 9:00pm on the 146.880 repeater. Any amateur radio operator who is in the repeaters coverage area is encouraged to join the fun. The purpose of this net is to have fun, but we also use it for passing NTS traffic from time to time. Depending on who Net Control is, we might even do a little training exercise.
Preamble for the CARS net, remember this is only a guideline

Sunshine Net is a social net held every Sunday night at 9:00 PM on the 146.88 repeater. It replaced the Sunday night Jackson County Public Service Net that was discontinued by Tim, WD8PMD.

Slow Scan Net is held every Wednesday evening at 7:00pm on simplex 146.490.

The Guard Rail Net is special, you must check in to find out more about it. If you don't hear any traffic by 6:45am toss your call out, someone will be listening for sure. Also on the 146.880 repeater. This Net is up for re-naming.

CW Net is Sundays at 8:00 PM real CW on 28.100 Mhz.

Useful 146.88 Repeater Codes
Time - Key down and press 39 unkey and the repeater will provide the time.
Echo test (seven second audio test) - Key down and press 8* unkey and the repeater will tell you what to do.
Key pad test - Key down and press 5 then press any of the keypad keys then the repeater will respond with the
key(s) that you pressed.
51.620/51.120 - 100Hz., WD8PMD, Open Repeater

144.390 - 1200 Baud, Local APRS Frequency

145.050 - 1200 Baud, Local Packet Frequency

145.470/144.870 - 114.8Hz., KA8HDY, W8HVG linked repeater system

145.530 - 77Hz., WD8EEQ, Shuttle / NASA traffic retransmissions

146.880/146.280 - 100Hz., W8JXN, CARS Sponsored Repeater

147.360/147.960 - 100Hz., KA8HDY, Locally owned repeater

147.540 - 1200 Baud, K8SMC, DX Packet Node now called AR Node

443.175/448.175 - 77Hz., WD8EEQ, Open Repeater / Remote Base

444.175/449.175 - 100Hz., KA8YRL, Open Repeater / IRLP

444.175 Codes the IRLP Repeater
It is suggested by the control ops that you visit before using this system.

Node 4463
72 - Needs to be pushed first.
To fully connect in full duplex so the IRLP Decoder can hear your touchtones.

Now Enter a 4-Digit code
(Direct Node or Reflector) From the IRLP Web Site List. Once the connection has been made...

71 -Can then be pushed
( For IRLP Receive Only ). This allows you to use the repeater locally without going out over the IRLP.

73 -Is the IRLP EXIT Command
Which disconnects you from the Node or Reflector you
had chosen.

A user must be in the (72) mode which is (Full Duplex) in order for the IRLP Decoder to respond to your touchtones!
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